KEISWI Inc. started their business in 1957 as a precision sheet metal processor specializing in making interior apparatus for airplanes such as Boeing and Airbus as well as bullet trains. The company currently has 12 employees and works with JAL and ANA to create interior parts for the Boeing 787 which are composed of strong, ultra light carbon fiber composite.

In 2003, Keiichi Sugano, the president of KEISWI Inc., launched “AERO CONCEPT”, an original brand producing briefcases and small goods such as card cases and key chains. With his high level skills in precision processing Mr. Sugano soon received a high volume of orders from around the world thanks to his innovative ideas and high quality workmanship.

Just two years after launching AERO CONCEPT his products have already appeared in the world famous 2005 Milan Collection. AERO CONCEPT is now enjoyed in a vast number of countries including Italy, Russia and China, and will soon debut in England, Germany, the United States and France.

Hawai’i is renowned for its beautiful beaches and the Aloha Spirit possessed by its people. Since business in the islands is conducted with a casual professionalism, AERO CONCEPT celebrates this culture with its simple yet elegant designs. The use of Nume leather and precision cut metals in its business accessories complements the aloha inspired attire preferred by many professionals. AERO CONCEPT follows Hawai’i’s working men and women from the boardroom to pau hana.

In an era where numerous companies are adopting the efficiency of Japanese manufacturing in order to deliver their products both faster and cheaper, AERO CONCEPT embraces a different Japanese value for its business model. AERO CONCEPT celebrates its Japanese heritage by creating products that fully showcase the skill and dedication of its craftsmen. Each item is handmade using precision metal and leather work to create products that promote the artistry of modern Japan while also being useful in everyday life.

AERO CONCEPT seeks to honor Hawai’i’s artisans through the release of its Emijah line. The concept of emijah is a warm introduction or greeting; aloha. The Emijah line is exclusive to Hawai’i and utilizes Nume leather dyed in limited edition colors as well as a Hawai’i exclusive logo. Each item is handcrafted in Japan by AERO CONCEPT’s master craftsmen.

Release of Liability

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